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The demand for high quality specialized aluminum electrolytic capacitors is ever increasing. With this demand for high end products, NationCap has established long-term relationships with leading  manufacturers across the globe for sharing technology know-how and management methods required to produce high-quality capacitors. Over the years, NationCap has been specializing in the field of electrolytic capacitors, obsolete, hard to find, customized capacitors for applications such as UPSs, Inverters, Rectifiers, Chargers, Variable Frequency Drive, Dynamic Brakes, Power Supplies, Conversion Electric Appliances, Aviation and Military devices... By offering this new series lineup, NationCap is responding to the need for high quality capacitors. NationCap works with multiple capacitor manufacturers in providing high quality capacitors for some of the most prominent corporations in this industry. Custom designs always available upon request.



By allowing customers to purchase high end capacitors, fans, and other critical electrical components at the convenience of a mouse-click, Nationcap provides innovation in the procedure customers undergo when procuring hard to obtain components.



Over the years , the prominent “OEM” manufacturers have been utilizing different capacitor vendors when it comes to getting a capacitor made, relabeling them with their own part numbers, leading some to believe that they themselves “make” capacitors.

NationCap uses these same vendors.