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NationCap specializes in the sales and service of UPS systems and UPS parts. We have a huge inventory of parts in stock and equipped with a variety of AC&DC capacitors, fans, blowers, batteries, power modules and battery modules. We provide the quality and reasonably priced parts with the fastest shipping times in the industry. We supply parts and service for almost all models of UPS and power modules on the market including:

Liebert, Emerson, Powerware, Exide, Eaton, MGE , APC, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, GE, Gutor, C&D, Hindlepower, Chloride, Best Power, Ametek, SCI, LTI, Cyber ex, Peco, Lorain, Lucent, La Marche, APC PX, LX, Symmetra, RM, Nfinity NBATMOD, GTX2..


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1/2019 - Now offering DC Caps rated for 2000h @ 85°C

2000h @ 105°C

5000h @ 85°C

5000h @ 105°C

10000 hours load life @ 105°C

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